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5 Top Reasons to Visit Grayton Beach State Park

5 Top Reasons to Visit Grayton Beach State Park

If you are looking for a breathtaking destination in Florida that offers a variety of exciting outdoor activities, Grayton Beach State Park is a great choice. With comfortable cabins and campsites, it is easy to enjoy your stay while exploring the park’s charming town and natural beauty.

While visiting, stop by the famous Airstream Row food trucks in Seaside for a delicious meal and the Blue Mountain Creamery for a sweet treat. Just be aware that one visit to Grayton Beach State Park may leave you feeling so captivated that you will not want to leave.

Here are the top reasons to visit this fantastic state park.


Visitors follow a boardwalk to reach Grayton Beach’s renowned ultra-white, powder-soft sand, and clear emerald water. In 2019, Forbes ranked this beach third on its Most Beautiful U.S. Beaches list, and in 2020, Dr. Leatherman, also known as Dr. Beach, ranked it number one in the country on the Top 10 Beach list.

This stunning beach has a universal appeal that attracts locals and visitors alike. Unlike other popular Florida beaches, it stands out for its lack of overcrowding, offering a unique and tranquil atmosphere.

What truly sets it apart is the absence of towering hotels or condominiums, which creates a serene feeling and grants visitors the freedom to enjoy their personal space. Whether you are a surfer, swimmer, fisherman, or simply seeking to bask in the sun, this beach is the ultimate spot for relaxation and stress relief.


When you venture into the ocean at the beach, you can discover a treasure trove of fascinating things hidden beneath the surface. The underwater world is teeming with marine life and artificial reefs, all waiting to be explored and appreciated. With a bit of curiosity and a sense of adventure, the possibilities for underwater exploration are endless.


Turtle Snorkel Reef was built using 58 individual artificial reefs made of limestone and concrete to form a gigantic turtle shape. Visitors typically reach the reef by boat or paddle board before donning a snorkel to explore the reef, which lies 12-19 feet below the water’s surface. Turtle Reef offers a unique opportunity to observe ocean life and enjoy a delightful day in the water.


Time Magazine recognized the Underwater Museum of Art as one of the World’s Greatest Places in 2018. This exceptional museum is the only one in the country and can only be viewed from 58 feet below.

The enormous sculptures, constructed from limestone, concrete, and steel, fascinate scuba divers and serve as habitats for various aquatic creatures. The sculptures range from eerie, such as the gigantic skull, to playful, like the massive diamond ring, providing a captivating experience for all who visit.


Grayton Beach State Park in Walton County, Florida, is an extraordinary natural wonder. Three coastal dune lakes lie within it, a rare phenomenon found only in three other countries. These lakes are a unique blend of fresh and saltwater, producing an unusual ecosystem that is a haven for anglers. White speckled trout, bream, bass, redfish, flounder, and more can all be found here.

Outdoor enthusiasts flock to these gentle waters to kayak and paddle board. It is also a treat for bird watchers with osprey, bald eagles, and others soaring overhead. The park is a must for anyone who enjoys the natural splendor of the great outdoors.


Grayton Beach State Park has an impressive landscape that captivates every visitor. The park’s striking scenery features an array of dunes, twisty scrub oaks, Flatwoods like slash pines, and marshes. The region is adorned with various delicate flowers, including the Blue Lupine, the Beach Sunflower, and the Railroad Vine, which add bursts of vibrant blue, pink, and yellow colors to the surroundings.

The park is also an ecological paradise for a wide range of wildlife. The beautiful beach is home to loggerheads, green sea turtles, and various sea birds. The park also houses unexpected animals like grey foxes, white-tailed deer, and black bears. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, photographer, or nature lover, Grayton Beach State Park is an excellent destination to explore the wonders of nature.


The park features numerous trails that visitors can explore by walking or biking, allowing them to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.


The Grayton Beach Nature Trail is about a mile long and takes visitors on a winding path through a beautiful landscape of dunes and wooded areas filled with pine and scrub oak trees. The trail also features a breathtaking section where twisted oaks form a canopy, leading visitors through an intricate natural tunnel of branches.


This Grayton Beach Hike and Bike Trail is a beautiful path that spans around four and a half miles, making for a total round trip of nine miles. It is a well-liked trail among hikers and mountain bikers, thanks to its incredible views of the serene coastal dune lake.

The journey is peaceful and picturesque, and you may see various creatures like birds, lizards, deer, or bobcats along the way. Dogs are allowed on the trail, but they must be kept on a leash at all times.


Avid walkers or mountain bikers will like the paved Timpoochee Trail that runs alongside 30A. Although it may not offer breathtaking ocean views, it is still a fantastic way to explore the various towns within the 30A region.

Along the way, take a break and indulge in delicious food or even a shopping spree. So, whether you are a fitness enthusiast or just looking to have a fun day out, this trail is worth checking out.


Grayton Beach is just one of many charming and distinctive towns along 30A, each with its own unique characteristics. If you are intrigued by Grayton Beach State Park and curious to learn more about this incredible area, consider seeking guidance from a local real estate professional.

Allison Richards is an expert on 30A, and she specializes in assisting clients from out of state who are interested in buying or selling property on the Emerald Coast. She is a savvy negotiator. She works hard for her clients and knows how to get things done.

Whether you are searching for homes for sale in Grayton Beach or Seaside, Allison and the Richards Group can provide you with invaluable insight and assistance. If you have questions about Grayton Beach real estate or any other wonderful 30A communities, contact Allison of The Richards Group today.

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